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Arbor Care of East TN, LLC offers a service to remove a tree with minimal impact to the tree, landscape, and structures nearby. Arbor Care works in compliance with the ANSI Z133.1 safety standards. We practice the most current methods of rigging and removal techniques to ensure the job is done safely and securely.


Arbor Care offers a service to trim and prune both young and mature trees. Pruning in young trees is essential to develop a strong structure and create the desired form. Pruning in mature trees is a common maintenance procedure by removing dead branches, rubbing limbs, and crown thinning. Arbor Care practices the pruning techniques that are in accordance with ANSI A300 standards.


Arbor Care of East TN, LLC offers a service to remove stumps as a finishing touch to a tree removal. Stump removal can grind the stump below the existing grade and allow the area to be used for future tree planting, grass, landscaping, or construction. We can also remove those old unsightly stumps from your property.


Arbor Care of East TN, LLC offers a service to recommend and plant a variety of trees suitable for your location by assessing the soil condition and identifying the desired effect. Arbor Care will select your tree from a local nursery that has a proven record of offering the highest quality trees. We offer a tree maintenance guide to ensure that the homeowner is informed and confident on how to care for their newly planted tree.


Arbor Care of East TN, LLC offers a service to identify the causes of abnormalities in your tree. Insects and diseases can threaten the health of your tree. As soon as you notice a change in the appearance of your tree, contact us. We will be able to assess the damage, explain the cause, diagnose the problem, and help you select an appropriate treatment.


Arbor Care of East TN, LLC offers a service to install cabling and bracing hardware into your tree when extra support is needed. Installing cabling and bracing hardware can reduce the risk of limb failure and extend the life of the tree. All trees must be assessed first to determine if cabling and bracing is best for the tree. Pruning or removal may be other options for hazardous limbs or trees.


Arbor Care of East TN, LLC offers a service to assist the homeowner in protecting and preserving trees from damage that may occur during construction on the property. We can identify any trees that will be at risk, mark and fence off the area around each tree, and monitor the health of the trees during construction. Communication between the homeowner, contractor and tree specialist is key.


Arbor Care of East TN, LLC guarantees that the area of your property where the work was done is cleaned up and all equipment and debris removed. We want to leave your property in the same, if not better, shape than when we started.


Arbor Care of East TN, LLC offers a service that allows you to explain your tree care needs, ask questions, become more aware of the services we offer, check our insurance, and feel confident in our ability to exceed your expectations. Meeting with our trained professionals can ensure that the work is done accurately for the specific agreed upon price. All estimates are written.


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"Peter, another excellent job!  As always, you give me more than I ask for and your cleanup is impeccable!  Use me as a reference any time."
Mike Shepherd ~ Fox Run Subdivision